Corporate news | 20.05.2022

Sramek Insight is so pleased to be included in the first batch of HK Tech 300 Angel Fund specializing in bio and health technology,

The first batch of local companies approved for the investment fund, up to HKD 1 Million each under the HK Tech 300 Angel Fund from City University of Hong Kong (CItyU) have been announced on 26th April 2022…


Corporate news | 01.02.2023

Sramek Insight was admitted joining the Incu-Bio Programme under the Hong Kong Science Park.

This facilitates the company with network of mentors, strategic partners and investors. With funding support up to HKD 4M financial subsidy and upfront grant HKD 2M to cover regulatory activities like clinical trials…

Cardiax Home (Lab Version) was approved by NMPA in China in 15th March 2024, marking our research and development to an important milestone…

Sramek Insight announces that HOTMAN System prototype (LAB Version) has been granted approval for device registration by National Medical Products Administration of China (“NMPA”). Toney Lam, our Director and Chief Executive Officer commented, “We are very pleased to have achieved this major milestone of our device. The approval will be a strong testament to our research and development for next milestone. It also may shorten the waiting time for commercialization of HOTMAN System (Home Version) – Cardiax.


CEO of Sramek Insight Speaks at IncuBio Open Day on Biotech and Cardiovascular Health

Mr. Toney Lam, CEO of Sramek Insight Limited, has been invited as a distinguished speaker in the panel discussion at the 4th IncuBio Open Day, held in collaboration with Amgen. Toney shared his insights on the biotech and hemodynamic screening industries, as well as the importance and possibilities of cardiovascular disease prevention. Following the engaging discussion, Sramek Insight’s showcase booth attracted a flurry of interest from industrial and clinical stakeholders.


Clinical Study with MU Kicks Off at Science Park Lab Bench

Sramek Insight Limited recently initiated a groundbreaking clinical study in collaboration with Hong Kong Metropolitan University (MU). The study focuses on exploring correlations between biomarkers and cardiovascular disease status using a non-invasive approach. Additionally, researchers aim to uncover potential links between the symbiosis of gut and oral microbiomes and cardiovascular risk factors. This innovative research promises valuable insights for preventive healthcare and improved patient outcomes.


Signing Ceremony of MOU with MAHSA Research and Innovation Sdn. Bhd. and MAHSA University

Sramek Group is proud to announce that we have signed an MOU on 23 January with MAHSA Research and Innovation Sdn. Bhd. and MAHSA University to conduct clinical research on hemodynamic monitoring with drug guidelines by AI. The signing ceremony was attended by Mr. Toney Lam, CEO of Sramek Group, and Professor Dr. Rosnah Binti Mohd Zain, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research and Innovation at MAHSA University, as well as the Chief Executive Officer of MAHSA Research and Innovation Sdn. Bhd..


Welcome :

Professor Janet Wong and Professor Ronald Pang from Hong Kong Metropolitan University, joined our us as advisors. Their professional experience may help us to facilitate clinical and healthcare research, further increasing the credibility of both sensing and software algorithm.


Sramek Insight joined BIOHK2023 atHKCEC on 13-16 Sep. 2023

Sramek Insight is delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate our new prototype and device to industry experts, investors, and fellow innovators at BIOHK2023, and we are encouraged by the number of prospective partnerships. We not only gain significant exposure, but we also build relationships….


Sramek Insight attended the "Hong Kong Youth Technology Industry Acceleration Program" on the 18th and 19th of July at HKSTP and Shenzhen.

During the event, Sramek Insight showcased the company's recent R&D development as well as the progress of our planned home-use medical device. We also had a thorough discussion with China Resources about prospective bio-tech and health-care collaboration and got a lot of interest from….


Sramek Insight showcased its revolutionary product "Cardiax Home" at the Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair on 16-18 May 2023.

Sramek Insight's next products, "Cardiax Home," a home-use cardiovascular analyzer, and "Cardiax Skin," a graphene-based electronic skin for continuous blood flow monitoring, have drawn a large number of visitors and industry insiders for partnership and collaboration discussions.


Hotman device and TEBCO technology on display at InnoEx 2023 on 12-15 April 2023

InnoEX brings together influential tech experts, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and investors from the region to discuss collaborations, share upcoming trends and exchange insights into future opportunities. Sramek Insight's core technologie provides noninvasive solution for cardiovascular screening.


Mr. Toney Lam and Professor Roy Vellaisamy worked together on Graphene-based Impedance Sensor

Highly sensitive graphene-based material is ideal for collecting cardiovascular data like heart rate, blood pressure as well as blood flow. This helps to reduce the cost of continuous monitoring on heart issues….


Sramek Insight jointed the BIOHK2022 expo under the City University Podium,

In the Expo, our company is showing the application of hemodynamics at home for remote monitoring cardio-related diseases, and people are highly interested to understand more….


Patents for “Sensor for Monitoring Circulatory Conditions” invented by Professor Roy Vellaisamy was being licensing out to Sramek Insight.

In June 2022, Sramek Insight signed the Technology Licensing Agreement (TLA) with CityU, for continuous development of the new sensor technology in measuring blood pressure, heart rate and vascular resistance…


Great news :
Professor Roy Vellaisamy as
CTO of Sramek Insight.

Professor Roy Vellaisamy is expert in Intelligent Devices and Systems (Electronic & Nanoscale Engineering). He will join us to develop new sensors for wearable healthcare product…

01. 06. 2022

Mr Toney Lam, CEO of Sramek Group, established a new company, Sramek Insight, recruit and partner with medical research institutions and scientists, to develop new technology for early detection of heart disease…

Sramek Insight is a company to encourage breakthrough therapies and diagnostic tests, driven by medical AI and to create new methods of prevention and treatment for cardiovascular diseases…